Video Surveillance

Aigo Technologies provides its customers with IP Megapixel Video Surveillance Systems, HD SDI Megapixel Video Surveillance Systems, and High Resolution Analog Camera Systems(DVRs) to fit their specific demands of resolution, recording days and budget.

High Resolution Analog Camera Systems

IP Megapixel Cameras or HDTV systems do not fit all customers for many reasons. We still provide conventional DVR systems for our customers.
High Defination SDI Camera Systems

Delivering high megapixel full HD 1080p quality digital images over standard coaxial cable with HD-SDI cameras! Reuse the existing coax cable infrastructure to efficiently upgrade analog systems to megapixel digital performance without the need to design and deploy an IP network! Or, wire new megapixel systems with familiar and easy-to-install coax and BNC connectors.

IP Mega-Pixel Camera Systems

AigoTech has migrated successfully from traditional digital video surveillance systems which using analog cameras with BNC outputs to High Definition (HD) Mega Pixel IP network camera video surveillance systems. This is huge improvements for image quality of live viewing and recordings.



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